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SBS Drama 2010

2010 SBS DramaAwards
There are lots of awards handed out, for sure, but at least SBShas some strong shows this year, with great performances all around in thecompetition. Go Hyun-jung stacks up another Daesang for her turn as the firstKorean female president in Daemul, which if I’m to go based on all the parodies, involved lots of shouting in the rain. There’s a performance by Noh Min-woo, aTHREE-way tie for Best Couple, and of course, some red carpet hits andmisses.

Daesang: Go Hyun-jung  / Daemul
Top ExcellenceAward, Drama Special, Actor: Kwon Sang-woo   Daemul , Hyun Bin   Secret Garden
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Ha Ji-won  / SecretGarden
TopExcellence Award, Drama Special, Supporting Actor: Lee Jae-yong  / Daemul
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, SupportingActress: Lee Soo-kyung  / Daemul
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actor: Lee Beom-soo   Giant
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actress: Kim Jung-eun   I Am Legend
Top Excellence Award, SpecialProduction, Supporting Actor: Lee Duk-hwa  / Giant
TopExcellence Award, Special Production, Supporting Actress: Hong Ji-min / I Am Legend
Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo
TopExcellence Award, Daily Drama, Actress: Yoo Ho-jung   NeighborEnemies
Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Supporting Actor: ShinSung-rok  / Neighbor Enemies
Top Excellence Award, DailyDrama, Supporting Actress: Im Ji-eun   Three Sisters
Drama Special, Actor Award: Lee Seung-gi  / My GirlfriendIs aGumiho
Drama Special, Actress Award: ShinMina  / My Girlfriend Is aGumiho
SpecialProduction, Actor Award: Jung Bo-seok  / Giant
SpecialProduction, Actress Award: Park Jin-hee / Giant
Daily Drama, Actor Award: Song Chang-eui  /  Life Is Beautiful
DailyDrama, Actress Award: Kang Sung-yeon  / My Wife HasReturned
Top Excellence Award, Drama: Giant
Human Drama Award:NeighborEnemies
Frontier Drama Award: Dr. Champ
LifetimeAchievement Award: Park Geun-hyun
Netizen Popularity Award: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won  / SecretGarden
Netizen Popularity Award, Drama: Secret Garden
Producers’ Award: Cha In-pyo   Daemul , Park Sang-min   Giant , Han Hye-jin   Jejoongwon
Top 10 Stars: Lee Beom-soo, Jung Bo-seok   Giant , Go Hyun-jung, Kwon Sang-woo   Daemul , Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won   Secret Garden , Lee Seung-gi, ShinMina   My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho , Kim So-yeon   Prosecutor Princess, Dr. Champ
Best Couple: Lee Seung-gi, Shin Mina   My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho , Joo Sang-wook, Hwang Jung-eum   Giant , Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won   Secret Garden
New Star Awards: Joo Sang-wook, Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Soo-hyun   Giant , Han Chae-ah   Neighbor Enemies , Ham Eun-jung   Coffee House , Choi Siwon   Oh! My Lady , Nam Gyuri   Life Is Beautiful , Noh Min-woo   My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho
Go Hyun-jung looks fabulous in the wholeupswept-hair-and-dress concept. I wish the dress were a little tighter, but thestatuesque look makes her look sophisticated, while the minimal makeup makes herlook ten years younger. Kwon Sang-woo looks good, but mostly due to the factthat he has Go Hyun-jung on his arm.
How come the cast of Giant looks like an acapella group witha manager and a stylist? Or…waitstaff, with hostess and restaurateur?
Hwang Jung-eum picked up a New Star Award, and she looksevery bit the beautiful young starlet. It’s not the most refreshing look sincewe’ve seen bejeweled necklines at every awards ceremony this past week, but atleast it’s a flattering, understated version. And the color is gorgeous.
Joo Sang-wook also picked up a Newbie Award for Giant. Histux screams Lounge Singer, not Hot New Star, but I suppose the guy who’s wearingit can do wonders for a wayward tailor. I never noticed how crazy chiseled hisface is, like he walked straight out of a comic book.
Kim Soo-hyun could not look more like a robot if he tried. Aw, newbies. The tux actually fits him really well, but that super high collarmakes his very tiny head seem even tinier. I think they should’ve actually triedto un-lengthen him, which seems counter-red-carpet behavior, but he’s so lankythat he could use some broadening, and less elongating. I know, it sounds weird, but a suit can do a lot.
Kim Seo-hyung‘s dress is like a french maid’s outfit dyed hotpink. So, so wrong. Is it the shoulder-pads-as-sleeves? The oh-so-square-ness ofeverything? The almost-belt? The pleats? Let’s just say all of the above. Andscrub our memories before the new year.
Oh, Jung Bo-seok. I adore the crazy professor hair, completewith silver streaks and all, but the suit is nine kinds of wrong. It’s…double-breasted pinstripes…with pinstripe leggings? Don’t even get mestarted on the shoes. From the neck-up, you make me smile. From the neck-down, Iwant a formal apology from your stylist.
The hosts for the evening, Park Jin-hee, Lee Beom-soo, andLee Soo-kyung. Lee Soo-kyung looks pretty, but totally safe and boring. LeeBeom-soo looks good….but sadly really short next to the two ladies. It may havebeen a good time to break out those shoe pads that idol stars wear. ParkJin-hee…I seriously, seriously love you, Park Jin-hee. But that black paper sackyou’re wearing for a dress is horribly frumpy and your Bob’s Big Boy hair isjust not doing it for me. Your makeup looks fabulous, though. I just don’t seewhy you’d wear something so matronly when you can rock this.
Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are their beautiful, beautiful selves. Listen, normally a velvet jacket is a big no-no, but it’s blue, and it has amatching blue SPARKLY bowtie! OMG why so cute, Binnie? Also his Wolverine hairis doing wonders for him. I think he wins the Riskiest Look But Pulls It OffWith Flair Award. Ha Ji-won is sporting the same ‘do from the last episode ofSecret Garden…which was as weird the first time around. But her sleek and simplelook is flattering; it’s just not memorable, what with her co-star outshiningher in the fashion department…literally.
Phil, the skunk that died and crawled up onto your collarrang me up…he says he was meant to be a carpet; not worn on the red carpet.
Kim Sung-oh looks perfectly attired…for an ice cream date anda day at the amusement park. Oh, Secretary Kim. What would Kim Joo-won say aboutyou if he saw you now?
Lee Jong-seok looks like Jung Il-woo and Robert Pattinson hada baby, and dressed him together for his first red carpet appearance. Aw, theymust be proud papas.
Kim So-yeon looks AMAZING. God, I really love her badass lookmore than any other, by twenty-fold. Her hair and makeup are a cut aboveeveryone else’s, and that dress fits her like a glove. I can’t say I love it, asit does strange swooping things around her neckline, but man, does she rock itanyway. It’s the perfect example of a star wearing the clothes, and not theother way around. Envy.
I actually like this look on Jung Seok-won. It’s not thesnazziest thing for a red carpet, and it looks more appropriate for meeting agirlfriend’s parents for dinner, but he looks good in it, whereas a lot of theseother guys need to meet a good tailor. He looks awkward, thestuntman-turned-actor, but I’m sure he’ll get used to the limelight in notime.
Han Hye-jin looks amazing in this color. This color makes meinvoluntarily smile. But the cut of the dress is terrible. It’s tri-sected, likesomebody only had enough material to make the dress horizontally rather thanvertically, making for some really weird lines. It fits her beautifully, but nodress should ever have three horizontal lines.
Seung-gi-ya!!! Aw, puppy looks cute today. Better than theup-sweepy ‘do he sported for the Variety Awards. His velvety lapels aren’t doin’ it for me, but other than that, he’s his usual confident, smiley self. Which iswhy we love you. Shin Mina is wearing something very very confusing…it’s like aChristmas ornament got recycled into a dress. But seriously, if anyone on earthcan make a crazy dress somehow seem like it’s actually fashionable and I must’vejust missed the boat, it’s Shin Mina. I really hate the dress, but she looksfabulous anyway, if that’s any indication of her supernatural powers.
Noh Min-woo, you rock the stage, but your suit is killing me. Is it…patterned AND shiny? Oh, dear. You look spiffy, but I went ahead and firedyour tailor. You’ll thank me later.
I love Moon Chae-won! And I love her breezy ponytail andnatural makeup. But…I don’t love that dress. I want to, because I love her, butI can’t. I dislike everything about that black sheer sheath. I know what it’strying to do – lingerie-meets-formal gown, but it’s got too much going on: tiers, layers, gathers, jewels, and lines that cut her up strangely. I’d dearlylove to see her in something daring and spunky, and lesspink-safe-bejeweled.
And her Daddy’s Girl co-star didn’t fare much better. ChoiJin-hyuk is a cutie pie, but that tux is too shiny and it fits him all wrong. Hetotally gets a pass for being a newbie though, as does his hair, which probablytook him three hours to get just so…and looks like he just crawled out of bed. Sigh. I do love how awkward he looks though. Something about it isendearing.
In comparison, this Daddy’s Girl couple, Kang Sung and LeeHee-jin, looks amazing together…for a date night at the movies. Okay, maybe arock star’s wedding. Or even a movie premiere for their friend Moon Chae-won. But for an awards show? Really, you could be dressed down one step and be goingto the grocery store, and no one would think that was weird. Just sayin’.
In contrast, Hong Ji-min knows how to rock a red carpet. Ilove this glamorpuss through and through. The cut, the color, the sparkliness – it’s just so her, and she looks fabulous. The dress does have one major misstepin those silver blobs from her waist down, which makes me sad because thiswould’ve been a perfect look without them. My favorite thing is her confidence: when a woman’s like, “I’m sexy in this dress and I rock it!” you can’t help butgo, “Hell yeah, sister! Work it!”
Kim Jung-eun wins for most flattering overall look, despiteher dress not being anything to write home about. I love her hair and makeup, and the way she looks in that dress. I just wish it were a different color, ordid something a little outside the normal wheelhouse.
Ham Eun-jung…grandma’s curtains-meet-bedazzler? You’re soyoung and pretty – why aren’t you wearing a dress that matches your youth? Imean, it’s not even Scarlett O’Hara curtains. If you’re gonna go with drapery, go all the way.
You know, I dislike Min Hyo-rin‘s dress because of the poofyfront business, but I do like the overall look on her, because she’s beensporting some uncharacteristically older-skewing dresses lately. I like seeingher like this, minimal makeup and sleek ponytail, with a flirty little dress. Itsuit her, and she looks more comfortable than when she’s overpowered by a giantdress. Also, I’d kill somebody for those shoes.
Shin Sung-rok‘s three-piece suit is perfect, but with thatbowtie plus little flower, it’s whimsical and adorable.
Tsk, tsk, Song Chang-eui. I mean, do I even need to saywords?
Nam Gyuri‘s dress is normally something I’d say was boooring, but she’s young and every girl deserves her princess-ballerina moment in thespotlight. I just wish it was a different color, or punked up in some way. Butthat’s just me. I bet her mom is squealing in delight.
Yoo Min‘s dress is an interesting pattern up close, butoverall the dress is suitable for a summer date in the park; on the red carpetit’s washed out and dressed down.
Han Chae-ah: your hair is perfection. I hope you catch thebouquet at your best friend’s wedding.
Yoo Ho-jung‘s dress looks like it was cobbled together out offour potato sacks. And then she went ahead and put a mink football-player-sizething on her shoulders, to make her outfit the winner for Most Unflattering, I’mSorry Dear Award.

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